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On-Demand Edibles in DC [Comprehensive Guide for 2022]

As a cannabis enthusiast, you may be wondering how to get the best edibles in DC. In this comprehensive guide to Washington DC edibles, you will learn what’s legal, where you can enjoy them, and the best places to buy them.

Do DC weed laws cover cannabis edibles?

Yes, weed edibles are legal under the protections of Initiative 71. According to, as long as you are over the age of 21, you can:

  • possess up to two ounces of marijuana;
  • grow up to six cannabis plants in your primary residence;
  • consume cannabis on private property;

While purchasing weed or cannabis edibles is still illegal, you can receive them as a “free marijuana gift.”

Where can you buy edibles in DC?

The next logical question is where to buy edibles in DC? You have a few options to purchase your dc edibles.

DC weed delivery services

Since the passage of Initiative 71, cannabis delivery service businesses have been popping up across the Washington, DC area. Some offer an online menu of products, including edibles.

At DMV 42 Zero, we are proud to offer the largest selection of DC cannabis products and edibles in the DC area. In exchange for a donation, you can shop our online edibles menu and fill your cart with your favorite edibles.

Most Washington DC cannabis delivery services will meet you at a convenient location like your home, a coffee shop, or your place of work. However, the laws prohibit us from meeting you on federal land because marijuana is not legal on the federal level … yet!

Medical marijuana dispensaries

Medical marijuana dispensaries are another option to purchase edibles in the District. There are a limited number of dispensaries in operation, and they only serve patients with valid medical marijuana cards.

Capital City Care is a popular weed dispensary that offers a great selection of edibles.

Local weed shops

map of dc weed shops

Just like delivery services, weed shops have been opening up rapidly across the nation’s capital. A weed shop may be convenient if you have one local to your home or place of work but don’t be surprised to find a long line depending on the time of day.

So, where can you legally consume edibles in DC?

The law states that “Smoking or consuming marijuana on public space or anywhere to which the public is invited” is prohibited.

As you can imagine, consuming edibles is a lot more discreet than smoking weed. So technically, as long as you’re careful, you can consume them anywhere. A pot brownie and bakery brownie look identical. Just don’t be dumb. Public intoxication is still illegal and can get you arrested.

It’s always safest when you’re buying edibles to consume them in your own home.

Top edibles in Washington DC

Based on our sales over the last six months, the most popular edible cannabis products on our Washington DC menu are:

Kanha Hybrid Watermelon Gummies 100mg

top edibles in DC Kanha Hybrid Watermelon Gummies package

Widely considered the best tasting cannabis gummy in the industry, Kanha premium gummies are made with the highest quality cannabis oils, scientifically extracted, and infused to provide a consistent dose.

Safe, reliable, and delicious – every gummy is its own adventure in flavor and experience, leading you on a joyful journey full of curiosity and bliss.


Wow Edibles Chocolate Bar

WOW Infused Chocolate Bar Edible

Wow Edibles THC Infused Chocolate Bar 1000mg is a delicious chocolatey way to enjoy cannabis! This treat will quickly become your new favorite snack with 1000mg of THC in the entire brownie. It’s no surprise this product is so popular because it is one of the strongest edibles on our DC menu!


STIIIZY Edibles Caribbean Breeze Sativa 90mg

Packaging of STIIZY Caribbean Breeze, top selling edible in DC

The STIIIZY Edibles Caribbean Breeze gummy fuses the delicious flavors of citrus, pineapple, and orange to create an energetic, uplifting, and euphoric feeling.

With 90MG of total THC (30MG per piece), which you can easily segment into three 10MG servings, this is a great trial product for beginner recreational edible consumers.


STIIIZY Edibles Blue Raspberry Blast Indica Gummies 90mg

top selling edible in DC, STIIZY Blue Raspberry Blast Gummy

The STIIIZY Edibles Blue Raspberry Blast gummy candy combines delicious berry and sweet flavors. As a fruity and flavorful Indica edible, it’s great for promoting feelings of relaxation, happiness, and a good night’s sleep!

At 90MG of total THC (30MG per piece), it can be easily broken down into three 10MG servings. This product is highly recommended for anyone that needs some help relaxing at the end of the day.

Best local bakeries for edibles in Washington DC

We get it; sometimes you just want the warm fresh edible baked fresh in Washington, DC. So here are some of the top-rated DC edible bakeries:

Cannabake DC

According to their website, Cannabake DC offers hand-pulled candies, hot cocoa bombs, Arnold “Canna” Palmer beverages, 200mg Energy Balls, Chocolates, and more.

Cannabake DC also vegan and gluten-free treats with advanced notice.

DC Bake Shop

DC Bake Shop‘s website boasts that they have “The Freshest CBD Edibles Baked Daily”. While we haven’t been to their store or ordered their products, the photos on the website look delicious! From brownies to smores and cupcakes to donuts, you are bound to find a ton of tasty fresh-baked cannabis treats here.

The deal with edibles in DC

Whether you have a medical card or are a recreational cannabis user, you don’t have to look far for edibles in DC. On the other hand, perhaps you want to try something besides the premium flower you smoke or don’t want your clothes to smell like weed. Either way, edibles are a great option, and they are plentiful in Washington DC.

As the top DC weed delivery service, we offer the widest selection of cannabis edibles, premium flower, concentrates, and more! So shop our online menu and set up a delivery today!

You may also be interested in this article about how long edibles stay in your system.


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