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Breez Tincture Spray Berry Daytime 250mg

Hit Your Sweet Spot

Berry Daytime Spray

Created with consumers new to cannabis in mind, Berry Daytime is our lowest dose tincture with just 2.5 MG THC per spray. Packaged in a pharmaceutical-grade locking bottle with a 130-microliter metered spray pump to accurately measure each serving. 100 sprays per bottle.

Made with naturally revitalizing terpenes from real strawberries.

Coconut Oil, Natural Strawberry Flavor, Cannabis Extract, Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Malic Acid

Click Chill Spray TropiCali THC 2:1 CBD 200mg

Cannabis infused mouth spray 200mg TropiCali Flavor 2.5mg per click 80 clicks Our formulation is exactly what you want when reading a book at the pool or just dealing with the stresses of the day. We only use the highest grade of CBD and THC cannabinoids to give you just the right amount of chill. We added L-theanine to support heart and brain health. Smart huh! We combined the antioxidant and immunity boosting properties of all-natural pineapple extract and the probiotic powerhouse effects of mango. And we added the Vitamin B & C rich properties of passionfruit to give you a whole-lotta-relax in a super small dose.  

Click GO Spray Pep-A-Mint THC 1:0 CBD 200mg

Cannabis infused mouth spray 200mg Pep-A-Mint Flavor 2.5mg per click 80 clicks With THC, GO is designed to give you a jolt of energy and focus. It feels like a cheat code for life, except you only have to press one button. Our additive Green Tea Extract may sound relaxing; but in reality, you’ll be a bull powering through whatever the day throws at you. All we ask is that you use this power for good. Our uplifting icy-cool peppermint will give you that “wake up and go!” feeling to start your day or KO that afternoon slump!

Click Restore Spray THC 1:5 CBD 200mg

Cannabis infused mouth spray 200mg LemonGingerGrass Flavor 2.5mg per click 80 clicks Custom built for those who want to restore their body after a workout, trail run, spin class or even a crazy cross town commute. Using the highest grade of CBD and THC we’ve revitalized recovery. We also included some Baswallia to help reduce painful joint-inflammation and aid in recovery! Bring it on leg day!  

Cookies Infused Vegan Capsules LondenChello 680mg

• 17 mg THC / capsule • 40 capsules, 680mg THC / bottle • Full spectrum, solventless extraction • Plant-based, 100% vegan • No added flavors, fillers or preservatives • Sugar free, glycerin free

Dreamt for Sleep Tincture


2-night sleep shot

“One of the year’s most helpful innovations” - Vice

dreamt’s cannabis sleep shot gives you deep, restorative sleep in a great tasting, affordable form.

  • Approximately 2 nights of sleep

  • Onset approximately 45 - 60 minutes. Duration approximately 8 hours.

  • 5mg THC and 2mg CBD per serving

Kiva Petra Saigon Cinnamon Mints 100mg


Saigon Cinnamon

Sweet and spicy (not to mention sugar-free) with just a touch of heat, Saigon Cinnamon Petra freshens your breath and warms your senses. Made in a facility that processes milk, nuts, soy and gluten.

Kiva Wild Cherry Camino Gummies Excite 100mg


Wild Cherry

Get the rooftop party started with our Wild Cherry gummies. The invigorating blend of sativa-like terpenes with sweet, fruity notes of tart cherry will have you dancing all night long.

Kiva Yuzu Lemon Camino Gummies Balance THC/CBD 100mg/100mg


Yuzu Lemon

Dip your feet into the slow current of a cool river with Kiva’s Yuzu Lemon Camino gummies. Let its harmonizing blend of THC and CBD, sativa and indica-like terpenes, and sweet, subtly tart notes of citrus balance you from the inside out.

Kushy Punch CBD Gummy 100mg


CBD Gummy (Peach) 100mg

100mg CBD Gummies – Made with 100% natural flavors – 100mg CBD, 0mg THC – No artificial sweeteners – Gluten-free, fat-free, dairy-free – Succulent sweet ripe peach flavor – Recipe was created by professional confectionery chefs

Kushy Punch Hybrid 100mg



Choose your own adventure with the fantastic, flirty Hybrid. Sativa bought you a cleaning set for your birthday, and Indica won’t stop watching alien documentaries in your basement? Time to hang out with curly-headed Hybrid. Along with its quirky raspberry flavor, Hybrid promises to deliver a comforting counterweight to an effervescent high. A euphoric balancing trick where your body and mind funky dance like long lost friends.
  • 100mg THC (10 x 10mg THC doses)
  • Full spectrum oil w/ cannabinoids, flavonoids + lipids
  • 100% natural colors and flavors
  • Low calorie, low sugar, zero nuts, zero dairy, zero gluten, zero fat

Kushy Punch Private Reserve 100mg



KushyPunch’s Private Reserve has been called “the dab of edibles”. With 95%+ pure THC and none of the cannabis taste, PR promises a super clean knockout punch in 60 minutes. When a regular KushyPunch edible just isn’t quite cutting it, look no further than our trustee soldier, Private Reserve. This is perfect for anyone that doesn’t prefer the flavor of full-spectrum oil, or for the bold ones among us that are mourning the loss of the TKO…. Feels like a fat, juicy dab to the belly.
  • Strawberry Lemonade flavor
  • 95%+ pure THC distillate
  • 100mg THC (10 x 10mg THC doses)
  • 100% natural colors and flavors
  • Low calorie, low sugar, zero nuts, zero dairy, zero gluten, zero fat