Cannabis Facts: Why Does Weed Make Your Eyes Red?

Getting crimson red peepers after mowing the grass is the best way to let anyone within two feet know that you’re putting on a green sweater. Unfortunately, most people with little cannabis experience tend to associate the redness of the eyes with allergic reactions. In contrast, others believe the smoke from the weed, be it medical marijuana or not, is the cause when in reality, neither of these is the reason.

Most people who appreciate quality weed have come to accept and embrace having red eyes as the mere aftermath of smoking and rarely give it any thought. But, if you’ve ever wondered how long it would take for your red rubies to turn pearly white again or what made them red in the first place, keep reading to find the answers.


What Causes Red Eyes After Smoking Weed?



As we’ve mentioned, many people, including inexperienced weed users, believe that the smoke from burning weed entering their eyes is the reason for the redness, or it could just be an allergic reaction. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The actual reason for getting bloodshot eyes after consuming marijuana is the introduction of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) into the system. THC is a well-known psychoactive cannabinoid that leads to momentary changes in blood pressure and influences the ocular capillaries, directly impacting the sclera (the white area of the eyes).

Another way to explain this is that when a person inhales marijuana, the properties present in the smoke, including the Tetrahydrocannabinol mentioned above, go directly into the bloodstream. After entering the bloodstream, the blood pressure lowers, and blood flow to the eyes significantly increases, leading to red eyes.

The result of this is one of the core psychoactive effects of smoking and a dead giveaway.

How Long Does It Take For The Eye Color To Return To Normal After Smoking Weed?

The duration of eye redness from smoking weed depends on several factors, although in most cases, it should only last about three to four hours. You’ve probably noticed that you get red eyes longer in some situations while at other times it’s only a few hours.

A not very well-known fact about the redness of the eyes that marijuana causes is that it has varying effects on each person and in different instances. Still, in most cases, the THC levels of the weed play a crucial role in the duration of the eye redness.


Does the Redness Of The Eyes Indicate The Quality Of The Weed? Is It Bad For Glaucoma Patients?

After consuming cannabis, red eyes indicate the strain’s potency; it’s also suitable for recovering glaucoma patients. This means that if your eyes are noticeably red after smoking cannabis, this is a sign that you’ve found some high-quality weed. Aside from being one of the telltale signs that you’ve been smoking marijuana, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about if your eyes are red.


Will Ingesting Edibles Lower Your Blood Pressure And Make your Eyes Red? If So, Why?

Yes, ingesting edibles can make one’s eyes red as the cannabinoid receptors pump more blood to the eye once chemical compounds like THC enter the system. This is because, like smokeable weed and marijuana, they also contain Tetrahydrocannabinol, a very active Vasodilator.

Once the cannabinoids get into the system after cannabis use, they lower blood pressure as they interact with the body’s sensory nerves and the eyes. This interaction lowers the user’s blood pressure and dilates the ocular capillaries, leading to blood concentration around the eyes, hence the redness.


How To Get Rid Of Bloodshot Eyes If You Smoke Cannabis

The following are ways in which you can minimize the dreaded Marijuana eyes.

1. Staying Hydrated Helps
Drinking cold water is one of the ways you can alleviate the dryness in your system and get rid of red eyes after smoking the Cannabis plant, as it reduces intraocular pressure even if you ingest a strain with high THC levels. Besides drinking water, a few other alternatives can help constrict your blood vessels and eliminate the cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, including consuming dark chocolate, caffeine, and licorice.

2. Use Eye Drops
There are particular kinds of eye drops that help reduce the stoned eyes caused by increased blood flow to the eyes after hanging out with Mary Jane. Among them are Visine and a few others containing Tetryzoline hydrochloride, a popular alpha-agonist that negates the dilated capillaries and eye pressure induced by THC.

3. It Will Dissipate After A While
The red eye usually sorts itself out after a while, that is, if you don’t have any upcoming engagements that may take notice of your bloodshot eyes. It can be very unpleasant to deal with at times. However, if you keep yourself occupied by doing something besides worrying about it, you’ll find that the red eyes have dissipated the next time you look in the mirror.


Will My Eyes Turn Red Every time I Smoke Weed?

There’s a common misconception that your eyes will always turn red if you regularly consume cannabis. This isn’t necessarily true because cannabis increases blood flow through the blood vessels and capillaries in the eyes due to the weed’s THC level. In other words, people are less likely to get bloodshot eyes every time because not all cannabis strains have the same THC levels.

The second reason it’s doubtful is that the body gradually develops a tolerance for THC when continually ingested. While redness of the eye is not a certainty, long-term cannabis use and continuous intake of cannabis products can lead to significant health complications. As such, it must be avoided unless necessary, as in the case of medical marijuana used for glaucoma treatment.


Getting scarlet red eyes is undoubtedly a minor favorite side effect of smoking or ingesting weed, but whichever way we look at it, there’s no going around this fact. All anyone can do is consider it a part of the experience. If like many others, you can’t wait to rid yourself of the red eye effect, your best bet is to use any of the above methods or refrain from consuming any cannabis product entirely.

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