Weed Terms: What Does Match Mean?

What does it mean to match weed?  According to Question Fun and Urban Dictionary, it is the partnering of two or more people that contribute their weed to the smoking experience. In other words, it is a sharing of like amounts for everyone to partake.

Another common phrase that you may hear is “throw down,” which means the same thing as a match.  It is good etiquette to bring your weed to share when you get together for a smoking session.

It is okay if you stop by a friend’s home without any weed, and they offer to share a pipe, blunt, or vape.  The expectation is that you will reciprocate the next time they drop by your place.  So, a note of caution.  Always keep enough on hand to share when friends stop by.

According to writers on Quora.com, there are considerations among friends for matching weed.

You may call a couple of friends and ask if they want to match or throw down.  This invitation alerts them to bring a portion of their stash to share.  There are some ways to match weed once they arrive.

Joint or Bowl

The first would be to roll a joint to pass around. Another would be to pack a bowl or two to be shared. When that is gone, a new joint with someone else’s cannabis contribution would be rolled, passed, and so on. The weed match occurs as you complete and roll a new joint or pack a new bowl with the next person’s personal stash

Vape or Bong

Vaping is a popular way of sharing a high, especially among novice users. Beginning with smoking a joint or vaping may be best for a first-time experience. A bong is also a popular option. However, first-time users should be aware that the effects of bong use are more intense.


A blunt is a joint roll that generally contains a gram of weed.  The host may offer the blunt, and others joining would toss in dollars to cover the cost.  Another option would be that three others would share a quarter-gram to create the blunt.

If you are short on cash, consider throwing down with a couple of friends to make your purchase and then enjoy a smoke session.

So what does match mean in weed terms?

Matching means the equal contribution to a joint, blunt, or any type of smoking session by everyone who is partaking.

Some newer state laws have made getting access to marijuana easier for recreational use.  While some states are only open to medical use, the availability of weed is still there.  There is no shortage of people wanting to experience the enjoyment of smoking with a group. Especially in Washington DC, group smoking sessions are particularly popular. If your stash is short you can order weed delivery so you can contribute to the match.

Ultimately, the whole idea behind the match or a throw-down is to have a shared experience with others that enjoy getting high.  The etiquette of cannabis users is that you share equally in some form.  It is not considered good manners to partake without some contribution either now or soon.


Matching is the opposite of a Scavenger Smoker



If you haven’t seen Half Baked … well you should order some cannabis delivery from DMV 42 Zero and watch it now! A scavenger smoker is someone who never has weed of their own but as soon as you’re smoking, here they come!

Bonus weed etiquette tip: Don’t be a scavenger smoker

Matching weed in your own words ….

We asked some of our customers and friends to explain what “matching” means to them and here is what we’ve found

If someone asks me to match  they want me to throw down on the bud with them. I’ll take a gram out of my stash and my boy will do the same out of his and we roll the j. Pretty much just combing our flowers


Match means to bring equal or more to contribute to a smoking session so you arent just trying to tap someone else’s supply. This is an old way of thinking for people with limited supply…when you’re doing it right u should have enough to roll for u and your guests..for multiple rounds if you’re a good host haha

-Jay D.

Leave a comment with what matching means to you!


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