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Virginia Weed Delivery

Weed Delivery in Virginia

Since marijuana was legalized in July 2021 we have expanded our territory to include Virginia weed delivery service! That means DMV 42 Zero can deliver cannabis products right to your door! For a donation, we can deliver marijuana to your house, apartment, cafe, or workplace.

Our service area includes a 20 miles radius around Washington, DC. That means we can offer the fastest Northern Virginia weed delivery and travel as far south as Fredericksburg, VA. 

Virginia Medical Marijuana Dispensaries vs. Weed Delivery: What's The Difference?

The main difference between Virginia medical marijuana dispensaries and Virginia weed delivery services is that dispensaries require a medical marijuana card to make a purchase, while delivery services do not.

Additionally, dispensaries typically have a smaller selection of products than delivery services. This is because they are only able to sell what is available in their inventory.

Delivery services, on the other hand, usually have a much wider selection of products because they are able to source their products from multiple growers and manufacturers.

Finally, dispensaries typically charge more for their products than delivery services. This is because they have higher overhead costs associated with running their business.

Medical marijuana cardholders love Virginia cannabis delivery services

Suppose you are a medical cannabis cardholder, there is no requirement stating you MUST purchase your prescribed cannabis products from a medical dispensary. You could always opt for the convenience and comfort of our Virginia marijuana delivery service.

Fast Delivery

Best Product Selection

Exceptional Customer Service

Rated one of the Best Weed Delivery Services!

Our delivery service area includes:

Marymount University

Seven Corners, VA

Navy Yard

Tyson Corner, VA

Mantua, VA

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Cannabis Delivery in
the Virginia Area!

DMV 42 Zero offers the easiest way to buy & deliver cannabis products online for 21+ customers in the DMV area. The minimum order amount for delivery is $200. Follow the 4 simple steps below to get started.

1. Shop Online

Browse our catalog of CBD & Cannabis products.

2. Make a Donation

Presently we only accept cash donations

3. Fast Delivery

We process and prep your order to be delivered to you.

4. Enjoy!

Exceptional customer service for our customers

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Shop the best weed & cannabis products online and have it delivery in the general DMV area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Virginia Weed Delivery Service FAQ

Yes, on July 1, 2021, Virginia became the first Southern state to legalize recreational marijuana use entirely. As long as you are over 21 years old and have up to one ounce of marijuana, it is legal to possess. Furthermore, personal cultivation and giving cannabis are also permitted by law. That’s why, as a thank you for donating to DMV 42 Zero, we provide you with some cannabis products as a gift!

No, you do not! Anyone over the age of 21 who is not a resident of Virginia and is in town for business, pleasure, or any other reason is eligible for weed delivery in the state protected by legislation passed in July 2021. Simply make sure you don’t have more than 1 ounce at any one moment and that you have a valid ID.

The laws in Virginia and Washington, D.C. do not currently allow for the transportation of cannabis products across state lines. However, we have strategically opened a delivery hub in Virginia so even though we are a Washington DC business, we can deliver to your doorstep in Virginia! We have a great article about How to Get Weed in Virginia here.

The procedure for receiving marijuana deliveries in Virginia is straightforward! Check out our selection of the best cannabis goods, including flowers, prerolls, cartridges, and other products… Fill your shopping cart with your favorite items and some you want to try. After that, sit back and wait for your delivery. We’ll curate all of your marijuana options and dispatch a friendly driver to meet you in VA!

To obtain weed delivery, you will not need any sort of medical card. Simply a photo ID to show that you are at least 21 years old. Virginia has authorized medical marijuana dispensaries where a medical marijuana card is required to make a purchase. There may be establishments that accept out-of-state identification as well.

Unfortunately, we do not accept donations by credit card. When your weed delivery driver arrives you will have to make your donation in cash to accept the gift.

In the state of Virginia, cannabis is legal for individuals over the age of 21. To receive your presents, all you have to do is show a valid ID when your delivery person arrives.

Most definitely! We courage you to schedule your Virginia weed delivery service so we can provide you with the best service. Scheduling ahead eliminates wait times, product shortages, and inventory issues. 

Planning on partying tonight? A well timed weed delivery can cure your hangover.

There are many benefits to using a Virginia weed delivery service. One of the biggest advantages is that it is much more convenient than having to go to a dispensary. Delivery services also offer a wider selection of products, so you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Additionally, delivery services are typically much cheaper than dispensaries. This is because they do not have the same overhead costs.

The main drawback of using a Virginia weed delivery service is that it can take longer to receive your order. This is because the driver has to travel to your location and may have to wait in traffic. Additionally, some delivery services only operate during certain hours, so you may have to schedule your delivery in advance.

Yup, we sure do! Our Fredericksburg VA Weed Delivery location will deliver top-notch cannabis products right to Virginia beach hotels, Air BnBs, and vacation rentals! Our inventory at this location is somewhat limited so be sure to place your order early and we will be sure to prepare everything you want for your delivery!

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