Swifts Strawberry & Pineapple Gummies 100mg

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Swifts Strawberry & Pineapple Gummies 100mg

600 Points

1 in stock

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Cannabis Infused Gummies, The Way You Expect

These are the gummies you have been looking for! Full of all natural flavor and chewy like what you’d expect from a delicious gummy.

Infused fully throughout the gummy, unlike many other edibles which are injected with cannabis distillate, our strawberry and pineapple gummies contain 10mg THC each so it’s easy to keep track of your intake.

Two Flavors in One Box

Each 100mg box contains two separate flavors for a fun mix and match experience. Mix them up or eat your favorite flavor first, whichever way rest assured that each gummy is blended with cannabis, not injected so you’ll get the delicious gummy flavor and cannabis experience no matter how much of a gummy you bite off.

What’s in Swifts Gummies

Treating yourself has never been so sweet! Handcrafted from scratch using real gelatin combined with the finest all-natural ingredients and infused to the core, Swifts Gummies deliver an always extraordinary, flavor-packed chewing experience. These are the collagen rich gummies you’ve been waiting for!

This is one of those times. This is your moment.

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