Wild Bill’s Medicinals Wild Thrills Edible Erotic Oil Coconut 10mg

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Wild Bill’s Medicinals Wild Thrills Edible Erotic Oil Coconut 10mg

300 Points

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Product Description

Wild Thrills Edible Erotic THC Oil is formulated to heighten your pleasure with cannabinoids that are renowned for increasing blood flow and nerve sensation.   Our signature blend of vitamin rich oils lubricates and nourishes while the THC eases muscle fatigue and tension allowing you to relax and focus on pleasurable sensations. Wild Thrills is made from only the finest ingredients and contains 100% natural flavors to enhance, not overwhelm taste.

Try all of our mouthwatering flavors:  Coconut, Rose and Cocoa


  • What is Wild Thrills?
    An all natural edible lube for anywhere on your body.
  • What is the potency?

10mg- 2 servings in bottle


  • What are the flavors?

Coconut. The all natural flavors are subtle and derived from the actual plant source…Coconut; 100% Pure Coconut Oil

  • How does it work?

Cannabis is a vasodilator (meaning it opens blood vessels and increases blood flow). It
has direct effects on the cannabinoid receptors in the skin and nerve pathways.

  • How long does it take to work?

15- 45 minutes. Everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different.

  •  Will it get me high?

Except for the rare few, topicals are not meant to penetrate the bloodstream. This is a topical which allows a body high. As an edible product with THC it will get you high if
consumed… ie: oral sex. Consumers should be aware everyone has different tolerances with edibles and their effects. 

  • Warnings:

-Wild Thrills is NOT compatible with LATEX condoms (oil based products are NOT
compatible with LATEX)
-Compatible condoms with oil based lubes are: polyurethane,  nitrile, and natural
​              membrane(lambskin)  condoms

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