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Cream of the Crop FSO Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil 1:4 THC:CBD

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Cream of the Crop FSO Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil 1:4 THC:CBD

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Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil    



Total Cannabinoids:870.83mg/g

Discover the powerful healing properties of Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil. Packed with medicinal compounds and five different cannabinoids including THC and CBD, our FSO has been used as an all-natural alternative for a wide range of ailments such as chronic pain and insomnia.

Research shows that the healing properties of cannabinoids are unlocked when they are taken together in balance.

  • 1:4 – Subtle, yet blissful

Most people ingest it like an edible. It can be applied topically if treating skin cancer or serious skin conditions. It can also be capsulated to use as a suppository method. A suppository method should be considered if treating an ailment below the naval.

We recommend you start small and work into your comfort zone, keeping in mind what you are using FSO for.

When treating chronic pain and illness we recommend starting with .01ml or .02ml every 8 hours. Slowly increase your dosage until you reach your desired effect.

When treating cancer we recommend you follow a similar approach to the above and slowly continue to increase your dosage until you are consuming 1g/mL per day. Avoid taking FSO with anything that has natural sugar as those sugars can feed the cancer cells.

When treating insomnia we recommend you start with .01ml or .02ml 15 – 45 minutes before bed, increasing your dosage on a weekly basis as necessary.

When baking edibles with FSO we recommend you refer to your tolerance and preferences to determine the correct serving size for your goods. Our FSO is activated in its natural state and contains about 700mg THC / applicator. Using a full applicator would yield a batch of very potent brownies!

The seals on each applicator are pressurized and very tight in order to protect the FSO inside. We recommend you run the cap end of the applicator under warm water for 10 seconds, twist the cap until it feels “stuck” and give it a tug. The cap is part screw and part suction – that’s why you need that extra tug at the end!

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