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Conseal Cartridge Vaporizer Battery Kit


4 in stock

Conseal Cartridge Vaporizer Battery Kit

4 in stock

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Product Description

Not all of us like to air out our vaping habits so luckily we have the Conseal Cartridge Vaporizer Kit to keep things low-key. This inconspicuous vape kit accommodates vape cartridges from as small as 0.5ml to as large as 1ml. Simply drop the cartridge into the kit for some clandestine vaping. The polished aesthetic compliments the portable convenience of the vaporizer kit, making it ideal for vaping on the run. An included USB charger keeps the vapor flowing, adding further convenience to this sleek yet low-profile vape kit.

Over the last decade, vaping devices have gained massive traction in the cannabis industry. Although used initially as e-cigarettes, many now function with prefilled THC oil and CBD vape cartridges. This can be attributed to the changes in cannabis laws in various countries.

What Is The Conseal Vape Battery Kit

A vape cartridge is a small, prefilled unit that contains various extracts such as cannabis oil designed for vaporization. Although Conseal vape devices usually vary in style and branding, they typically follow a similar design formula.

Parts Of A Vape Cartridge

The current versions of vape pens are more versatile and have cylindrical structures with the following components.

Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece is the tip of theConseal vape pen that allows users to inhale the vapor comfortably.

Chamber: This section contains the prefilled cannabis oil in a specific quantity. Cartridge vaporizers either be refillable or non-refillable.

Atomizer: The atomizer is the cartridge’s heating source. It’s usually attached to the cartridge battery to produce the necessary heat to vaporize the cannabis oil.

Battery: Vape cartridges also require batteries to function. The Conseal vape battery can either be disposable or rechargeable, which is more common in the vaping community.

Cartridge Vaporizer Kit

Cartridge vaporizer kit is a product that has become indispensable in the cannabis community. The popularity of the Conseal vape kit can be attributed to the numerous benefits it provides, some of which include ease of use, portability, and discretion.

New vape users often get confused and are unaware of the compatibility of vape oil cartridges and batteries. Essentially, any vape cartridge with a standard 510 thread can fit any standard 510 cartridge battery. Most batteries and cartridges are interchangeable.

Step 1: Getting Started

When you purchase a new vaping device, it usually comes with the battery already charged. Still, it’s generally advisable to charge the device to ensure it is full. Most universal batteries fill up quickly and can last several days. It’s important to note that different vape pens have varying methods to indicate when it’s fully charged.

Step 2: Attaching The Cartridge

Before you fit the cartridge, you should remove the rubber plug fitted at its top part. Screw the cartridge into the Conseal battery clockwise to make it tight and secure.

Step 3: Using The Vape Pen

Vape pens usually operate differently; some automatically turn on when you draw, while others require a press to function. Ensure you familiarize yourself with the particular vape pen you are using. Lastly, fit the mouthpiece before you start using the vaping device.

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